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All Her Faces - A Portrait of Dusty Springfield  completed a limited 12 performance run in October 2014 which was produced by From Now On Productions, LLC  at the Workshop Theater Company's Main Stage Theater in midtown Manhattan.

A romantic fantasy rock concert, the show was nothing short of a crowd-pleaser!  We definitely rocked the socks off all those who stopped by.  Many even came back for a second helping!

It's been awhile, so if you've heard about us and are here for the first time or have come back to see the long-awaited trailer of the show, you're in luck. 

Being a "work-in-progress", things have changed, so we strongly suggest you read the Synopsis first and then click the Video tab.

The final presentation before officially going Off-Broadway hasn't been decided yet, but we're hoping for early Spring 2020.  Send emails and comments in the CONTACT & INVEST tab if you'd like to be added to our list.


The All Her Faces Team

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