Backstage, DAD receives a call from the driver of their van that the Bass player and the three Backup Girls are sitting in traffic and are going to be late.  Knowing the show can't start without them, DAD sends the Drummer and Musical Director on stage to do a pre-set.  Stalling for more time, he sends his son JESSE (the lead singer/guitarist) and the Dusty understudy to greet the audience and explain how the project got started: that at 13, Jesse found his father's "45" record collection of Dusty Springfield in the basement of their house.

          By now, DAD has gone to the sound booth and encourages them (via the system) to tell the folks that Dusty was raised on classical music, jazz, and worshiped Peggy Lee, and that Jesse wanted to do a traditional BIO about her but Dad suggested leaving that approach to the numb-skulls in Hollywood and that a concert concentrating on her voice would be far more intriguing.  10 years after Dusty's death, Jesse and Dad (a retired performer himself) have created a rock concert paying tribute to Dusty's vocal ability.

          At this point, they've run out of things to say and feared the worst, when the others finally arrive.  Jesse gets a notion to start the show with Haunted, one of Dusty's lesser-known songs instead of beginning the show with the rehearsed opening number.  From then on, he continues  switching the order of songs and uses the lyrics from Dusty's hits to court her back to Life. 

          Not knowing what-the-hell he's up to, the GROUP follow his lead.  Magic begins to happen when SILHOUETTES of Dusty and other images only Jesse (and the audience) can see, pop up throughout the concert.  When the Group actually hears Dusty's disembodied VOICE singing the end of one of their songs, they realize what he's been trying to do.  With their assistance, they convince Dusty to appear in the flesh so that Jesse gets his secret wish to sing duets with her. 

          This is a musical fantasy.  The ways in which the company help Jesse to bring Dusty back to life, and what happens after that, is what makes All Her Faces more fun than a barrel full of monkeys on LSD! 

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