After the show had its world premiere in 2007 at LaMaMa, the prestigious experimental theatre on the lower East Side, the question that kept popping up was: Can a singer upstage an orchestra?  Maybe saints in heaven can but never has a voice been so uplifting as Dusty’s. 

​I decided to keep the orchestra and send God home, because all Dusty needed was a street corner and her voice.  On second thought, lose the street corner.

Constantly wondering how I was going to tell her story without getting caught up in her personal demons, I realized all I had to do was listen to her VOICE, which is exactly what JESSE does in the prologue and throughout the show.  The real treat comes when the audience begins to experience how All Her Faces magically unfolds and, like JESSE, all they really have to do is listen to her VOICE.

The following is part of a review from the New York Times:

"...the minutes you spend in the cozy Club at La Mama should see you singing along blissfully.  It wouldn't be surprising if music stores saw a lift in Springfield sales.  Whoever collects the royalty fees might consider cutting Mr. Innéo a check."

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